Back Pain

80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their life. Relief is available for a variety of spine conditions.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a condition that affects almost 66% of people during their life. Treatments for chronic pain starts with BASIC®.

Sciatica Pain

Radiating pain that throughout the legs can be extremely bothersome as the source of the pain can be a variety of conditions.

Pain Management

Pain Management experts treat patients’ pain through non-surgical treatment programs designed on an individual basis.

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BASIC® Physicians

Board Certified, Ivy League educated and awarded spine pain relief doctors in Orange County. We believe in a working patient relationship and all-in-one patient in-house care.

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Spine Pain Conditions Treated

Where Does It Hurt?

Back pain is caused by many things from sciatica to a bulging or herniated disc and more.  We’ve listed all associated conditions, their potential side effects and treatments.

Spine Pain Conditions

Back Pain Doctors Orange County

Back Pain Treatments

Board Certified pain relief professionals.  Ultra minimally invasive experts with as many non-invasive solutions to spine pain pain as there are procedures.

Spine Pain Treatments

Basic Spine Clinics & Locations OC

4 BASIC® Clinics

If you are Located in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego, you have access to one of our  four state-of-the-art Specialty Pain Clinics.  Locate  a BASIC clinic near you.

4 Orange County Clinics

BASIC® Spine Mission

brain and spine institute of californiaAn “all-in-one” center for neck, back and sciatica pain treatment in Orange County. World class doctors, dedicated to helping people with the least invasive methods possible. New technology and ultra compassionate care are a standard at BASIC Spine. Schedule your visit to any of our 4 locations or call (866) 398-0868.