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Post filled under : Medical Services

Facet Joint Injection for Severe Arthritis & Carpal Tunnel: What to Expect

by Kim Pensenstadler, February 19, 2014

It is almost impossible now days to avoid using a computer.  With information and technology in rapid growth, it is reported by NPR that 68% of Americans use computers at work. Too much of anything, as we know, can be bad.  Some use computers more than others, but most of … Continue reading

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis – Narrowing of the Spine

by Kim Pensenstadler, December 14, 2013

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis  is a degenerative condition in the lower back. When you hear someone complain of back pain you think that they must have hurt their back in some way or another.  They must have bent over wrong, picked up something too heavy, got in a car accident etc. … Continue reading

Epidural Steroid Injection – Time to Remedy that Daily Back Pain

by Kim Pensenstadler, December 8, 2013

Modern medicine today and the way doctors can do things with the smallest amount of discomfort during and after a procedure is simply amazing.  Twenty years ago, people suffering with back issues had to go to extreme measures, such as surgery, just to get relief from pain.  Doctors were still … Continue reading

End of Year Deductibles – Make the Most Out of Your Insurance!

by Kim Pensenstadler, December 4, 2013

  Well it’s December again and the end of the year is vastly approaching.  With the upcoming New Year there will be many changes, and one of those is that our insurance deductibles are all going to start over at the beginning of the New Year.  For some, this can … Continue reading

8 Qualifications to Look for when selecting a Neurosurgeon

by Kim Pensenstadler, November 29, 2013

Selecting a neurosurgeon is an important task in the proper recovery of a chronic spine condition. A neurosurgeon is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system including congenital anomalies, trauma, tumors, vascular disorders, infections of the brain or … Continue reading

How to Avoid and Deal With Injuries During the Holidays

by Kim Pensenstadler, November 27, 2013

Winter and the holidays is a time to rejoice, remember and be thankful for the opportunity to share life with those you love and adore.  For many, the emotional addition of fear compliments this cold season.  Winter time can become more of an obstacle course to avoid pain and injury. … Continue reading

Study Shows Amusement Parks Temporarily Reduce Back Pain

by Kim Pensenstadler, October 30, 2013

So, amusement parks temporarily reduce back pain? Who would have thought that taking your kids to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Magic Mountain or any other amusement park can be the best experience for a family.  For some it can sometimes be a chore for those who are suffering from debilitating … Continue reading

Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF): Are you a Candidate?

by Kim Pensenstadler, October 27, 2013

Extreme lateral Interbdoy (XLIF) is a minimally invasive procedure performed through the side of the body to treat spinal disorders and reduce long-term back and leg pain that has not responded to other treatments, such as steroid injections, physical therapy and pain medication. [1] The surgeon goes through the side … Continue reading

Woman Are More Susceptible to Arthritis Then Men

by Kim Pensenstadler, October 15, 2013

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) arthritis affects approximately 21.6% which is about 46.4 million people in the US.  Each year, arthritis affects millions of Americans in the US.  It is a condition that is extremely painful and bothersome for most people.   It causes the joints to deteriorate … Continue reading

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