Pain Pump: Good or Bad?

by Kim Pensenstadler, October 21, 2013

spinal pain pump Pain Pump: Good or Bad?Pain pumps are one innovative option for managing chronic pain.  The implantable pump and thing, flexible tube (catheter) releases pain medication to the fluid that surrounds the spinal cord.  This medication interrupts pains signals before they reach the brain.  When a medicine is taken orally it gets diffused throughout the entire body and goes through many different channels by the time it is fully absorbed.  After all of this only a small fraction of the medicine is actually effective.  If you take a 10mg pain pill, you will not get the full dose.


Benefits of the Pain Pump Rather Than Taking Oral Medications

Patients, who have received this drug delivery therapy experience significant reduction in pain, require lower medication doses compared to oral medications, and less side effects.  This device delivers concentrated amounts of medication into the spinal fluid area, allowing the patient to decreased or eliminate oral medications and experience more efficient pain relief and spasticity control with fewer side effects.  It doesn’t just deliver the medicine right away, it delivers it around the clock, thus minimizing or even eliminating breakthrough pain along with other symptoms.   This will be a significantly lower dose of medication than if you were to take orally.  Not only will this be more effective from a medication standpoint, but it will also put the medicine right where it needs to be rather than having to travel through the entire body.

Patients suffering from conditions such as cancer pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), chronic back and leg pain and painful neuropathy may benefit from this drug delivery therapy.

How Is the Pain Pump Implanted?

The pain pump is surgically implanted under the skin of the person’s abdomen and running a catheter to the pain’s precise location in the spine, and then the medication can pump directly into the spinal fluid.  This allows for much more potent effect on the spinal cord.  This will also drastically cut down the dose of medication that is needed with fewer unpleasant side effects.  BASIC Spine specializes in these pain pump implants and can do this procedure in one of our surgery centers located in Irvine, CA, Chapman, CA or in Whittier, CA.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The procedure is normally done in two separate stages.  The first stage, a temporary catheter will be inserted to test the effectiveness and for potential unwanted side effects.  If the trial is successful and relieves the symptoms, then they will permanently place the device under the skin.  Patients will be screened prior to the procedure and have to meet certain criteria to be candidates.  The procedure involves inserting a needle through the skin so there will be some discomfort, but not much.  You can choose to have a local anesthetic if you would like, but most patients will also receive IV sedation, which will make the procedure easy to tolerate.


Who is a Candidate for This Procedure?

Patients who have chronic and severe pain, where other treatments, including oral opioids have been unsuccessful are generally the types of individuals that will be approved for this procedure.  These individuals will most likely be cancer patients or have failed back syndrome.  These are not the only types of people, but are the most common.  No matter what the case may be, each person will be carefully screened.  This is not an easy pain management method to acquire which will make it next to impossible for the “seekers” to obtain.


What Type of Medication Is Delivered Through the Pain Pump?

The medication that is dispensed via the pain pump is generally a concentrated version of the oral medication that you would have taken before.  It works differently because it does not have to go through the absorption process, therefore the patient gets all of the medication and it goes directly to the location where the pain is centered or pretty close to it.


Take the First Step and Make the Call

There is no harm in finding the right treatment for you, especially when all other treatments have failed.   Contact us today and schedule a consultation and see if this is the right treatment for you 855-33-BASIC.  We can help you get your life back and be pain free! Patient comfort is our mission. Lt us make your success our mission. You can find past patient testimonials on YouTube under BASIC SPINE or in our Patient Testimonials Section on this site.









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