Pros & Cons of the ‘Privademic’ Model of Care: Q&A With Dr. Gowriharan Thaiyananthan Gowriharan

Dr. Ty Thaiyananthan gives an interview with Beckers orthopedic and spine about spinal surgery and the flexibility of combining private hospitals with nationally certified university medical centers.

“Dr. Ty” Thaiyananthan, MD, is a neurosurgeon, researcher and the co-medical director for the Southern California Center for Neuroscience and Spine (SCCNS) at Chapman Medical Center in Orange, Calif., an outpatient department providing treatment for spinal and cranial surgery, which opened in Dec. 2009.

Dr. Thaiyananthan discusses the concept of a “privademic” model of care, seen at SCCNS, and identifies some of the reasons he prefers it over the academic model and what he misses from his previous work at University of California, Irvine.

Q: What is a “privademic” model?

Dr. Gowriharan Thaiyananthan: The “privademic” model is the safe and effective practice of academic medicine within a private practice setting. This is an increasingly popular form medical practice that involves a physician’s participation in cutting edge research outside of the spectrum of a university. Presently, there are numerous novel treatments and clinical trails that are offered by practices that are not formally affiliated with a university medical center.

About the author

BASIC Spine is associated with the Center of Excellence at Chapman Medical Center. Dr. G. Thaiyananthan is medical director for their Blue Distinction Center of Excellence and our medical facility was the first to offer advanced stem cell therapy with the inSRT product. Winning the Patience choice award for three years running, the insight and experience shared is offered to help better the world of which we live in.Often doctors and patients reach for the most invasive procedure to heal an injured back. Sometimes patients feel that only back surgery will "cure" them, or a doctor may feel that spinal surgery is the only way to handle the problem. In some situations, surgery is a viable treatment, but we believe strongly in utilizing the least invasive measures first.BASIC Spine is your one stop practice for all of your spinal problems. We are a dedicated group of chiropractors, physical therapists, pain management specialists, and spine surgeons who want to find the best way to treat your spine. We pride ourselves on our interdisciplinary approach, and we have a specific treatment philosophy that informs all our recommendations.


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